Connect Client 0.5 released

Connect Client v0.5 has been released. Please see the knowledge base for details.

This release has many minor bug fixes both for the user and for the provider. For providers, we also are now recording metadata about where jobs are submitted from, to assist in debugging workloads and producing resource utilization metrics. Additionally, we have:

  • improvements the connect q, rm, and history commands
  • connect release added to continue held jobs
  • connect status produces more meaningful output
  • better interactive screen handling (and some connect commands re-enabled: connect watch, connect project)

Please let us know if you try this release!

I was wondering when we can expect the next release of the connect-client?

We are not actively supporting the connect-client at this time.  We may bring it back into service at some point when we have more time to improve its robustness.  Thanks.

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