Connect Client 0.4 Release

Connect Client v0.4 has been released. Alongside this, we now have a category of the knowledge base dedicated to the Connect Client, and all documentation has been updated for 0.4.

There are many small fixes in this release, but the biggest things are:

  • the client remembers the remote identity you set up with — no need for environment variables or options
  • enhancements to push/pull, with some performance tooling to help improve further
  • more built-in help
  • connect shell <any remote command> supported (more like ssh)
  • connect version command for assessing your current platform information

Please let us know if you try this release!

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Connect Client v0.4.5 has been released. This is a bugfix release to the v0.4 series, with no major new features.

  • better handling of authentication errors during setup
  • fix for incorrect reporting in "connect list -v"
  • interactive setup when no remote username is provided

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