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Connect Client v0.5.5 setup problem

I've run the script to install Connect Client v0.5.5 from the Git repo using Python 2.7.13 on CentOS 7.4. I have an OSG Connect account, and am able to ssh to When I attempt to run the connect setup command, I get the following error, and connect test subsequently shows that I am not connected:


$ connect setup 
Please enter the user name that you created during Connect registration.  Note that it consists only of letters and numbers, with
no @ symbol.

You will be connecting via the server.
Enter your Connect username: MY_USER
Password for
usage: connect [-h] [--version] [--user USER] 
               {status,project,watch,histogram} ...
connect: error: invalid choice: 'client' (choose from 'status', 'project', 'watch', 'histogram')
notice: Ongoing client access has been authorized at
notice: Use "connect test" to verify access.
$ connect test
You have no access to Run "connect setup" to begin.


Hi Nathan,

Unfortunately, the remote submission and job management capabilities of the connect client have been deprecated.  For now, you'll need to login to the OSG Connect submission nodes directly to submit jobs.

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