FSurf 2.0 release announcement

 The Open Science Grid (http://www.opensciencegrid.org) is a federation of
 university and laboratory HPC facilities which share computing capacity to
 support science.

 We have developed a command line tool "fsurf" you can use from your laptop or
 desktop computer to submit scans for FreeSurfer processing on these clusters.
 FSurf allows you to run the standard Freesurfer workflow (autorecon-all) with
 single or multiple scans.  In addition, you can run a single step with
 arbitrary options. Although only FreeSurfer 5.3 is currently supported, we
 anticipate adding support for FreeSurfer 6.0 soon.

 No allocation is required.

 We only request that you cite the OSG in publications that benefit from its

 Instructions for getting started are found here:

  Please post questions and problems to OSG user support at


  Best regards,

  The OSG FSurf support team
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