A large number of software packages can be used by compiling a portable installation or using a container (many community sofwares are already available in authoritative containers). If you believe none of these options (described here) are applicable for your software, you may request that software be added to OSG's OASIS software library with a simple email to support@opensciencegrid.org, along the following lines:

To: support@opensciencegrid.org
Subject: Please install _______ in OASIS

Hello OSG User Support -

My name is _______ and I am using OSG resources to perform research
in the field of _______. It would be helpful to me to have the
_______ software (version _______) available on the grid.  Please
find details on installing this software at the following web site:

As long as this code is:

  1. available to the public in source form (e.g. open source)
  2. licensed to all users, and does not require a license key
  3. would not be better supported by another approach (which are usually preferable)

we should be able to install it in the OSG software respository which will make it available on most sites in the OSG. In any case, OSG staff will help you with the 'right' solution.


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