Loading from OASIS

The connect client is also installed and available through the OASIS Distributed Environment Modules system. This allows users that have OASIS installed to use the connect client. In order to use the connect client, you'll need to load the modules system from OASIS if it's not installed yet. In order to do this run:

       source /cvmfs/oasis.opensciencegrid.org/osg/modules/lmod/current/init/bash

After this, you should be able to load the connect client by running:

       module load connect-client

Once the connect client is loaded, you can use the connect client as outlined in the other documents in this section.

Getting Help

For assistance or questions, please email the OSG User Support team at user-support@opensciencegrid.org, direct message tweet to @osgusers or visit the help desk and community forums.


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