Introducing the Connect Client

The Campus Connect Client is a bridge from your campus to OSG's national grid infrastructure. It comprises a set of tools for linking a campus research computing cluster to a CI Connect instance such as OSG Connect. It enables users of a campus facility to submit jobs into the Open Science Grid without leaving their own institutional working environment. Connect Client gives you an interface for job and data transfer and synchronization with the OSG Connect server, and an interface for remote job management.

If you are an experienced HTCondor user, you may prefer to use OSG Connect's login server directly. But many campus researchers already have a comfortable home on their local computational resource, and no need to interact directly with HTCondor. Connect Client targets these users, making it easy to extend local resources with the full national grid.

OSG works with resource providers to set up Connect Client access at the system level. If the connect-client package or module is already installed at your site, you can start using it today. If not, we can work with your site operations team to provide it, or you can install it for yourself.


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