The OSG Connect team assigns individual user accounts to "projects". These projects are a way to track usage hours and capture information about the types of research using OSG Connect.

A project typically corresponds to a research group headed by a single PI, but can sometimes represent a long-term multi-institutional project or some other grouping.

You must be a member of a project before you can use OSG Connect to submit jobs. The next section of this guide describes the process for joining an OSG Connect project.

Joining a Project

Project Membership via Account Creation Process (Default)

You will be added to a project when going through the typical OSG Connect account setup process. After applying for an OSG Connect account, you will receive an email to set up a consultation meeting and confirm which 'OSG Project' your usage should be associated with. You will be prompted to provide information based on the following two scenarios:

  • If you are the first member of your research group / team to use the OSG through OSG Connect, a new project will be created for you. You will need to provide the following information to do so:
  • If you know that other members of your research group have used OSG Connect in the past, you can likely join a pre-existing group. Provide the name of your institution and PI to the OSG Connect team (if you haven't already) and we can confirm.

Based on this information, OSG Connect support staff will either create a project and add you to it, or add you to an existing project when your account is approved.

Join a Project

If you need to join an existing project (you can be a member of more than one), please email the OSG team ( with your name and the project you wish to join, with PI in CC to confirm.

"Set" your OSG Connect project

Job submission on OSG Connect requires a project be assigned to your account on the login node. This can be set after you have been added to a project as described above.

  • Option 1 (preferred): To set your default project, sign in to your login node and type
    $ connect project

You should see a list of projects that you have joined. Most often there will only be one option! Make sure the right project is highlighted and press "enter" to save that choice.

  • Option 2: If need to run jobs under a different project you are a member of (not your default), you can manually set the project for those jobs by putting this option in the submit file:

View Metrics For Your Project

The project's resource usage appears in the OSG accounting system, GRACC. You can see the main OSG Connect dashboard here: Link to OSG Connect Dashboard

At the top of that dashboard, there is a set of filters that you can use to examine the number of hours used by your project, specific users, or your institution.


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