Start or Join a Project in OSG Connect


Individual research groups are organized into projects on OSG Connect. Resource access and usage accounting is done on per-project basis. You must be a member of a project before you can use OSG Connect to submit jobs.

Below is the process by which principal investigators or their delegates can create, join, and manage projects within OSG Connect.

Request a New Project

If you or your group does not already have a project in OSG Connect, you can start one. To do so, visit You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Project Name
  • Short Project Name
  • Field of Science
  • Field of Science (if Other)
  • PI Name
  • PI Email
  • PI Organization
  • PI Department
  • Project Contact
  • Project Contact Email
  • Telephone Number
  • Project Description

You can also send us this information directly via email at

OSG Connect administrative staff will review and create the project in the system. Within the OSG Connect Portal, all OSG Connect science projects are subgroups of the osg group. The naming convention is: osg.projectname. Projectname is typically a mix of upper case and lower case with no spaces or punctuation (except for hyphens). It derives from the short name that you submit in your application form.

Join a Project

To join a pre-existing project email the OSG Connect team ( with your name and the project you wish to join. You can also be added to a project by the PI or their delegate (see next session).

Managing Project Membership

The project's principal investigator, or their delegate, is responsible for project membership. We will consult the PI or contact for group membership request approvals. The PI may also be assigned an "Administrator" role of the project group, and can invite OSG Connect members to the group directly. Contact us if this interests you.

Using a Project in HTCondor Jobs

The job submission on OSG Connect requires a project. Either you define the keyword +ProjectName for each job or you set the default project.

  • Option 1: To set the default project, type

    $ connect project

and select a project.

  • Option 2: If you're running a few jobs under a different project, you can manually set the project via an option in the submit file:


Projects in Accounting

The project's resource usage appears in the OSG accounting system, GRACC.


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