OSG Managed Services

There are two main ways to provide computing resources to the OSG. The first method, which is appropriate for smaller sites or those with limited effort to deploy and operate the OSG software stack, is called the OSG Managed Service. Here the access is provided through an ssh account to the cluster, much like a normal user account. Jobs from the OSG virtual organization are delivered from a factory service provided by the OSG Connect system. Once commissioned, very little manpower is required to maintain the connection.

HTCondor Compute Element

The standard method is to deploy the OSG software stack, the most relevant component being the Compute Element (CE). The method is based on standard grid technology and is how the vast majority of OSG computing centers deliver resources to users. This is the preferred choice for large sites aiming to support all of the virtual organizations participating in OSG. There is more up-front learning to deploy this software, but once operational the effort required to keep it running is manageable. In OSG we have recently developed a new version of the the CE based on HTCondor.

Talk to us!

If you are interested in having your campus HPC center join the Open Science Grid, contact us at user-support@opensciencegrid.org and we'll help you determine the best option and help you get started.


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