Accessing Software using Distributed Environment Modules


This page covers use of the modules on RHEL6 and RHEL7 compatible compute nodes in the OSG computing environment.

Environment modules have historically been used in HPC environments to provide users with an easy way to access different versions of software and to access various libraries, compilers, and software (c.f. the wikipedia reference). OSG has expanded its existing the modules system to support both RHEL6 and RHEL7 compatible compute nodes. The new system not only provides newer versions of software but provides the same modules across RHEL6 and RHEL7 systems.

See Available Modules on OSG Connect

Use module avail to see available software applications and libraries:

$ module avail

--- /cvmfs/ ---
autoconf/2.69-s                                     jdk/8u141-b15-x                    openssl/1.0.2n-c
automake/1.15.1-f                                   kbproto/1.0.7-x                    pango/1.41.0-python-2.7.14-j
bedtools2/2.27.1-s                                  libbsd/0.8.6-5                     pcre/8.41-x
binutils/2.29.1-y                                   libcerf/1.3-p                      perl/5.24.1-y
bison/3.0.4-d                                       libedit/3.1-20170329-n             pixman/0.34.0-q
boost/1.66.0-i                                      libffi/3.2.1-4


(D):  Default Module

In addition, additional software is available once the gcc/6.2.0 module is loaded.

In order to load a module, you should run module load [modulename].

For example:

$ module load python/2.7.14-k

To unload a package and remove it from the environment, use module unload [modulename].

For example:

$ module unload python/2.7.14-k

To see currently loaded modules, use module list.

For example:

$ module list
Currently Loaded Modules:
1) python/2.7.14-k

Finally, module help will give you more detailed information.

Use Environment Modules in Jobs

Executable script

To use environment modules within a job, use the same module load command described above inside your job's main "executable" to load your software and then run it. For example:


module load python/2.7.14-k

Submit file requirements

Not all resources available through OSG Connect support distributed environment modules. In order to make sure that the jobs you submit run on resources that do support distributed environment modules, you will need to add the following condition to the requirements in your HTCondor job submission file. We recommend the following requirements:

Requirements = (HAS_MODULES =?= true) && (OSGVO_OS_STRING == "RHEL 7") && (OpSys == "LINUX")


Requirements = [Other requirements ] && (HAS_MODULES =?= true) && (OSGVO_OS_STRING == "RHEL 7") && (OpSys == "LINUX")

if you already have other requirements specified and need to append the OASIS requirement.

Jobs submitted with the HTCondor requirement given above will automatically have the module system set up for them when run.

If you are willing to run into potential RHEL6 vs RHEL7 incompatibilities in order to gain access to the maximum amount of resources, you can use the following requirements:

Requirements = (HAS_MODULES =?= true) && (OpSys == "LINUX")


Requirements = [Other requirements ] && (HAS_MODULES =?= true) && (OpSys == "LINUX")

This set of requirements will run your jobs on RHEL6 and RHEL7 nodes so your job may run into problems because of the differences between the two distributions.

Using Modules Outside of OSG Connect

In order to use distributed environment modules outside of jobs submitted from OSG Connect, you'll need to load the modules code manually from OASIS (the repository where the modules are stored). You can do this by putting the following command into your job's executable script before loading the modules.

$ . /cvmfs/

Available Software

There are two sets of software available under this system. A set of software packages that are available by default and a set of packages that are available once the gcc/6.2.0 module has been loaded.

Software available by default

autoconf/2.69-s                                     perl/5.24.1-y
automake/1.15.1-f                                   pixman/0.34.0-q
bedtools2/2.27.1-s                                  pkgconf/1.4.0-w
binutils/2.29.1-y                                   proj/4.9.2-h
bison/3.0.4-d                                       py-asn1crypto/0.22.0-python-2.7.14-s
boost/1.66.0-i                                      py-asn1crypto/0.22.0-python-3.6.5-6    (D)
bowtie/1.2-2                                        py-bottleneck/1.0.0-python-2.7.14-a
bowtie2/                     py-bottleneck/1.0.0-python-3.6.5-2     (D)
bwa/0.7.17-z                                        py-cffi/1.10.0-python-2.7.14-y
bzip2/1.0.6-q                                       py-cffi/1.10.0-python-3.6.5-u          (D)
cairo/1.14.12-python-2.7.14-g                       py-cryptography/1.8.1-python-2.7.14-c
cfitsio/3.420-w                                     py-cryptography/1.8.1-python-3.6.5-x   (D)
cmake/3.11.1-j                                      py-cycler/0.10.0-python-2.7.14-i
cufflinks/2.2.1-6                                   py-cycler/0.10.0-python-3.6.5-5        (D)
curl/7.59.0-m                                       py-cython/0.28.1-python-2.7.14-l
eccodes/2.5.0-i                                     py-cython/0.28.1-python-3.6.5-f        (D)
expat/2.2.2-j                                       py-dateutil/2.5.2-python-2.7.14-o
ffmpeg/3.2.4-n                                      py-dateutil/2.5.2-python-3.6.5-g       (D)
flex/2.6.4-u                                        py-enum34/1.1.6-python-2.7.14-r
font-util/1.3.1-f                                   py-functools32/3.2.3-2-python-2.7.14-l
fontconfig/2.12.3-l                                 py-h5py/2.7.1-python-2.7.14-r
freetype/2.7.1-w                                    py-h5py/2.7.1-python-3.6.5-s           (D)
gcc/4.9.2-n                                         py-idna/2.5-python-2.7.14-f
gcc/4.9.2                                           py-idna/2.5-python-3.6.5-j             (D)
gcc/6.2.0                                          py-ipaddress/1.0.18-python-2.7.14-b
gcc/6.2.0-l                                         py-kiwisolver/1.0.1-python-2.7.14-i
gcc/6.2.0                                    (D)    py-kiwisolver/1.0.1-python-3.6.5-5     (D)
gdbm/1.14.1-7                                       py-lit/0.5.0-python-2.7.14-s
gettext/                                  py-matplotlib/2.2.2-python-2.7.14-3
glib/2.56.0-python-2.7.14-g                         py-matplotlib/2.2.2-python-3.6.5-5     (D)
gmp/6.1.2-5                                         py-nose/1.3.7-python-2.7.14-e
gnuplot/5.2.0-python-2.7.14-g                       py-nose/1.3.7-python-3.6.5-b           (D)
gobject-introspection/1.49.2-python-2.7.14-6        py-numexpr/2.6.1-python-2.7.14-5
gperf/3.0.4-e                                       py-numexpr/2.6.1-python-3.6.5-v        (D)
harfbuzz/1.4.6-python-2.7.14-j                      py-numpy/1.13.3-python-2.7.14-j
hdf5/1.10.1-i                                       py-numpy/1.13.3-python-3.6.5-4         (D)
help2man/1.47.4-p                                   py-pandas/0.21.1-python-2.7.14-2
hwloc/1.11.9-5                                      py-pandas/0.21.1-python-3.6.5-j        (D)
icu4c/60.1-6                                        py-paramiko/2.1.2-python-2.7.14-a
inputproto/2.3.2-g                                  py-paramiko/2.1.2-python-3.6.5-t       (D)
intel-tbb/2018.2-w                                  py-pillow/3.2.0-python-2.7.14-d
isl/0.19-o                                          py-pillow/3.2.0-python-3.6.5-t         (D)
jdk/8u141-b15-x                                     py-pkgconfig/1.2.2-python-2.7.14-v
kbproto/1.0.7-x                                     py-pkgconfig/1.2.2-python-3.6.5-x      (D)
libbsd/0.8.6-5                                      py-pyasn1/0.2.3-python-2.7.14-q
libcerf/1.3-p                                       py-pyasn1/0.2.3-python-3.6.5-e         (D)
libedit/3.1-20170329-n                              py-pycparser/2.17-python-2.7.14-w
libffi/3.2.1-4                                      py-pycparser/2.17-python-3.6.5-v       (D)
libgd/2.2.4-f                                       py-pyparsing/2.2.0-python-2.7.14-x
libiconv/1.15-v                                     py-pyparsing/2.2.0-python-3.6.5-2      (D)
libint/1.1.6-h                                      py-pytz/2017.2-python-2.7.14-f
libjpeg-turbo/1.5.3-w                               py-pytz/2017.2-python-3.6.5-z          (D)
libpciaccess/0.13.5-q                               py-scikit-learn/0.18.1-python-2.7.14-2
libpng/1.6.34-4                                     py-scikit-learn/0.18.1-python-3.6.5-b  (D)
libpthread-stubs/0.4-y                              py-scipy/1.0.0-python-2.7.14-r
libsigsegv/2.11-3                                   py-scipy/1.0.0-python-3.6.5-u          (D)
libszip/2.1.1-u                                     py-setuptools/39.0.1-python-2.7.14-y
libtiff/4.0.8-t                                     py-setuptools/39.0.1-python-3.6.5-p    (D)
libtool/2.4.6-h                                     py-six/1.11.0-python-2.7.14-3
libuuid/1.0.3-n                                     py-six/1.11.0-python-3.6.5-m           (D)
libx11/1.6.5-5                                      py-subprocess32/3.2.7-python-2.7.14-q
libxau/1.0.8-3                                      python/2.7.14-k
libxc/3.0.0-n                                       python/3.6.5-5                         (D)
libxcb/1.13-v                                       qhull/2015.2-f
libxdmcp/1.1.2-l                                    r/3.4.3-python-2.7.14-c
libxml2/2.9.4-7                                     readline/7.0-j
libxpm/3.5.12-z                                     sparsehash/2.0.3-n
libxsmm/1.9-f                                       sqlite/3.22.0-s
llvm/6.0.0-python-2.7.14-q                          stashcache/5.0.0-5
m4/1.4.18-w                                         swig/3.0.12-6
mpc/1.1.0-e                                         tar/1.29-y
mpfr/3.1.5-x                                        tcl/8.6.8-5
mpfr/4.0.1-i                                 (D)    tk/8.6.8-u
mummer/3.23-python-2.7.14-h                         udunits2/2.2.24-t
nasm/2.13.03-d                                      unzip/6.0-f
ncurses/6.0-3                                       util-macros/1.19.1-m
numactl/2.0.11-d                                    xcb-proto/1.13-2
octave/4.2.1-p                                      xextproto/7.3.0-k
openblas/0.2.20-j                                   xproto/7.0.31-w
openjpeg/2.1.2-f                                    xrootd/4.6.0-3
openmpi/3.0.1-o                                     xtrans/1.3.5-u
openssl/1.0.2n-c                                    xz/5.2.3-y
pango/1.41.0-python-2.7.14-j                        yasm/1.3.0-g
pcre/8.41-x                                         zlib/1.2.11-v

Software available after loading gcc/6.2.0

autoconf/2.69-x                   (D)    hwloc/1.11.9-k                       nasm/2.13.03-7                       (D)
automake/1.15.1-a                        hwloc/1.11.9-python-2.7.14-c         ncurses/6.0-e
binutils/2.29.1-python-2.7.14-d   (D)    igraph/0.7.1-f                       numactl/2.0.11-a
bison/3.0.4-g                     (D)    inputproto/2.3.2-t            (D)    openblas/0.2.20-3                    (D)
boost/1.66.0-y                           intel-tbb/2018.2-m                   openmpi/3.0.1-r                      (D)
boost/1.66.0-python-2.7.14-s      (D)    jasper/1.900.1-q                     openssl/1.0.2n-w                     (D)
bowtie2/          kbproto/1.0.7-x               (D)    pcre/8.41-7                          (D)
bzip2/1.0.6-f                            lammps/20180316-4                    perl/5.24.1-a
cairo/1.14.12-python-2.7.14-d            libbsd/0.8.6-g                       pixman/0.34.0-r                      (D)
cfitsio/3.420-t                          libcerf/1.3-v                        pkg-config/0.29.2-w
charm/6.7.1-t                            libffi/3.2.1-p                       pkgconf/1.4.0-i
cmake/3.11.1-4                    (D)    libgd/2.2.4-q                 (D)    prodigal/2.6.3-h
eigen/3.3.4-c                            libice/1.0.9-b                       proj/4.9.2-q                         (D)
espresso/6.1.0-z                         libiconv/1.15-6               (D)    protobuf/
expat/2.2.2-k                     (D)    libjpeg-turbo/1.5.3-g                py-numpy/1.13.3-python-2.7.14-3
fftw/3.3.7-5                             libpciaccess/0.13.5-f                py-setuptools/39.0.1-python-2.7.14-4
flex/2.6.4-n                             libpng/1.6.34-i                      python/2.7.14-k
font-util/1.3.1-r                 (D)    libpthread-stubs/0.4-k               readline/7.0-q                       (D)
fontconfig/2.12.3-m                      libsigsegv/2.11-u                    renderproto/0.11.1-u
fontconfig/2.12.3-python-2.7.14-2 (D)    libsm/1.2.2-h                        root/6.08.06-python-2.7.14-f
freetype/2.7.1-i                         libtiff/4.0.8-b                      samtools/1.6-r
gdbm/1.14.1-j                            libtool/2.4.6-s               (D)    scotch/6.0.4-u
geant4/10.04-y                           libx11/1.6.5-2                       sqlite/3.22.0-q
geos/3.6.2-v                             libxau/1.0.8-3                (D)    sra-toolkit/2.8.2-1-s
gettext/                       libxcb/1.13-5                 (D)    stringtie/1.3.4a-j
gettext/  (D)    libxdmcp/1.1.2-y              (D)    suite-sparse/5.2.0-2
glib/2.56.0-python-2.7.14-q       (D)    libxext/1.3.3-y                      tar/1.29-2                           (D)
gmp/6.1.2-y                              libxft/2.3.2-python-2.7.14-u         tophat/2.1.1-boost-python-2.7.14-x
gnuplot/5.2.0-4                   (D)    libxml2/2.9.4-u                      util-macros/1.19.1-r                 (D)
gperf/3.0.4-d                            libxpm/3.5.12-u                      xcb-proto/1.13-n
graphviz/2.40.1-h                        libxpm/3.5.12-python-2.7.14-p        xerces-c/3.1.4-s
gromacs/2018-k                           libxrender/0.9.10-2                  xextproto/7.3.0-a
gsl/1.16-l                               m4/1.4.18-a                          xproto/7.0.31-5                      (D)
gsl/2.4-2                         (D)    metis/5.1.0-5                        xrootd/4.6.0-5                       (D)
hdf5/1.10.1-m                     (D)    mixmod/3-1-0-y                       xtrans/1.3.5-s
help2man/1.47.4-j                        mixmod/3.2.2-c                (D)    xz/5.2.3-4                           (D)
hisat2/2.1.0-n                           mothur/1.39.5-boost-i                zlib/1.2.11-q
hmmer/3.1b2-7                            mpfr/4.0.1-2                  (D)
htslib/1.6-o                             muscle/3.8.1551-h


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