Saving account name and password

When you run fsurf it will ask you for an username and password.
After requesting this information, fsurf will ask you if you want to save these credentials. If you say yes to this, then you can omit these options and let fsurf use the saved credentials for future invocations.

If you would like to change the saved username or password, you can run any fsurf command with the --user NEW_USERNAME option where NEW_USERNAME is the new username that you would like to use. Fsurf will prompt you for a new password and ask you if you would like to save this information. Saying yes to the prompt will replace the saved username and password.

Changing account password

To change your account's password, run ./fsurf change-password or ./fsurf --user='myuser' --password='mypassword'.
fsurf will then prompt you for a new password and update your account's password.


Since fsurf stores your password on your computer in a format that can be decoded, please use a password unique to fsurf.


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